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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mid Semester Exam.

Hello guys! How's your day? Mine is good so far the only bad thing is lazy me. LOL
So have you guys (IPTA friends) finish your midsem exam? If you do then it's great. Congrats & enjoy the temporary freedom as much as you can. Bahahaha. You know final is coming too.
Me? I haven't done yet. Still there are two more papers in pending mode. One is Managerial Accounting & another is Financial Management. Both are "my own" killer subjects. Yeah because my friends semua pandai maaaa. Saya saja kurang bijak sikit tapi syukur dapat masuk universiti owwww. Haha

So since I need to revise more, can't update much here tonight. Jenguk sini pun sebab bosan masa "typical take 5" sebab takdak teman nak sembang haaaa. Housemate budak UiTM & bila dia cuti tinggallah budak Unimas ni sengsorang. Sobs.

Last word, pray for me guys! I hope I can do well for both papers. Yelah harapkan doa korang sebab saya ni pemalas sikit HAHAHAHA. Okay that's nonsense!! What's a prayer w/out an effort kan? Hewhew. I know I know. Just kidding tu harapkan doa je utk berjaya. Hehe. Tata ;)

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