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Sunday, May 4, 2014


Hello May.
Month of assignments and projects.
I am looking forward to cherish each day of you dear May.
Please be nice to me too cause I'll try my best in every work I do within you.
And yes my wishlist is going back for Gawai.
I hope I can make it & enjoy the celebration with my family,
So I am gonna work extra super duper hard to revise all chapters starting your 5th day dear May.

Though there's lot of assignments and projects.
Next Sunday is the sweetest day of you.
Cause it's Mother's Day.
To my most adorable and lovable woman in this entire universe, Madam Ando.
Happy becoming Mother's day Mak.
I love you.
In the past present and future.
My love for you always grow stronger.

K gotta back to work.

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