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Sunday, May 25, 2014

#PrayforSemester II

It's May and final is around the corner.
Yet so many chapters to revise.
I am so afraid I couldn't maintain my result for this semester.
There are 6 subjects.
And two out of six is my worst fear.

Managerial Accounting & Financial Management.
These two are so tough for me.
So I can't target much.
Maybe I shall target B's for these two.
And hope I achieve my target. But exceeding the target is much better :)

So dear Semester II,
I hope I can give my best and you compromise too with me.
Lecturers, please don't set the questions too hard.
Just give us the moderate type only lah bah hehehehe.

Together we use this little time to save this semester!
Keep our faith in God.
All the best loveliessssssss.


Friday, May 9, 2014

To Queen of My Heart

To Madam Ando Anak Aba.......
Happy Mother's Day Ma.
I love you so much.
Thank you for bringing me to this world 22 years ago.
Thank you for bearing the pain while delivering me.
Thank you for being patient taking care of me.
Thank you for being strict while I was kid because now I get why you did that.
Thank you for trusting me all this while.
Thank you for everything.
I hope you will stay healthy & strong.
You are my idol,my queen & my forever most beautiful woman.
Love you Mak.

Sunday, May 4, 2014


Hello May.
Month of assignments and projects.
I am looking forward to cherish each day of you dear May.
Please be nice to me too cause I'll try my best in every work I do within you.
And yes my wishlist is going back for Gawai.
I hope I can make it & enjoy the celebration with my family,
So I am gonna work extra super duper hard to revise all chapters starting your 5th day dear May.

Though there's lot of assignments and projects.
Next Sunday is the sweetest day of you.
Cause it's Mother's Day.
To my most adorable and lovable woman in this entire universe, Madam Ando.
Happy becoming Mother's day Mak.
I love you.
In the past present and future.
My love for you always grow stronger.

K gotta back to work.