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Tuesday, January 8, 2013


"But I have found that in the simple act of living with hope, and in the daily effort to have a positive impact in the world,the days i do have are made all the more meaningful and precious. And for that I am grateful"-Elizabeth Edwards.

This is a special entry from me to myself.
Ignore me if you're not interested to read it because Im okay with that.
Dear Caroline Mampak Jacob,

You are having a simple and happy life and for that you must be grateful. Today Lord has shown you that when He promise his children happiness,sooner or later,you will see His magical solution. And for that,you have no reason to worry too much because He is always there for you. Have faith. Kneel down and ask from Him,you sure always get what you need. Sometimes maybe it's not what you want but He will gives you what you need. Our Father never broke His promise to all His beloved children. Because He is our one true Father and His love is pure. 

For a family He gave you,you must be grateful. The family of five you have,maybe not as rich as others but the love inside is undescriable. All the care and love you get from your mom,all the protection you have from your dad,there might be another unlucky child out there not having the same love,care and protection you got in your life. You have a very strong dad and a very lovely mom,for that you must thank our Lord. 

As for your education,you're lucky because you have chance to study until university. Be grateful for that and appreciate the chances you have. God gives you one chance and your job is to use them properly. Never wasted every oppurtunity in your life and grab every chances you have to be a successful person in the future. Remember what your mom always said,"You study hard now,you will get the pay later my dear". This is the one sentence you can keep on your mind. Always. Never forget them.

This year,you will be 21. Time flies so fast yet you're still the same you last year. A lost girl sometimes. Changing yourself is hard but take everything slow. You can change to be better day by day. No man can change 100% in one day. Just be grateful and enjoy every moment of your life. Never let "real life" destroy your happiness. Solve every problems in a fun way and then you will realise life isn't that cruel. 

Lastly,focus on your current goal. Get a degree w good grades of course! And you'll see the payment for your hardwork later. All the best and never give up. When thing goes rough,kneel down and pray. Remember,God have a better plan. If it's not Plan A,you still have another 25 alphabet left.

Always say this sentence everytime you wanna go to sleep. :)


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