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Monday, January 7, 2013

Our Lucky Number 7!

Haiii guys! Im back here untuk coretkan kisah 7 Jan 2013 seketika. Im stealing my revision time though :p
Okay,7th Jan 2013. Its the day for my very first paper KNF2033 Engineering Mathematics 3. =')
Well,entering the exam hall just now was enough to make me feel like throwing up and running back to college. But,no matter what happen,I must finish my battle w Maths. Its now or never! Hehe. Thanks to God,everything was quite good and Maths was finally done =') Im shy and afraid to say this actually but I really hope that I can get B for my Maths just now. Amen. Hehe

Okay,its 7th Jan today and I am counting to our next anniversary that is on 7th July. So,today is our exactly 5 years and 6 months together =') Thanks Lord for a beautiful love story You have created for me. Back in 2007,I never expect that his proposal on 7th July 2007 will give me a newly beautiful life. Im so grateful because You give me him. The best thing in this world is my family and him. Thanks again for these very special gift Lord. Yes,I admit that at first Im not expecting a serious relationship w him because at that time we're just 15. Cinta monyet kata orang. Haha. But,things change when we get older. I feel like he's the one and I will never let him go because Im not sure where to find another guy like him. He's not perfect but he is a family type of guy and yes he's cute when he is homesick. Depan orang memanglah mcm mature but sometimes when he do crazy things,it'll make my day even brighter :'D He has his own weakness but I love him for both his strength and weaknesses. Yerrrr,ayat mengada2 hahaha :p

So,to this 6th years anniversary,Im thinking of celebrating it w him. Maybe go to Kbox or a movie? Haha. Any ideas guys? Im so lame in this kind of romantic activity :p Thats why Im asking opinion from you guys. Haha

But,lets focus on the final first! =) He's having paper tomorrow and mine is on the next day. So,pray for us please guys? And also for our friends of course. And to you my dear,I'll always enjoying my time treasuring you everyday. Im learning about you everyday and Im never tired doing that. :* Iloveyou. Always. And of course,our hope is same like the other couples. Lets pray that this love will have a happy ending. Amen =')
Nahh,our pictures together. :P *promote diri* Haha
2010. When we're still 18. Now,we're old like grandpa and grandma dy. Haha

Okay guys! I must bored you people w my love story right? Haha. So sorry but I cant stop writing about him. Actually,I wanna write more but I have to continue my revision. Hihi. Till we meet again. Goodnight! ;)

Hugsss and kissesssss for y'all.

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