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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Flu + Fluid Mechanics = COMBO!

Hello guys! Its 11:35 pm now,guess some of you sleeping dy right? Well,to those yang dah tido, C wish you goodnight and sweet dream ;)

C is taking some break from VERY LAST MINTUE revision. Sigh. C is so depressed now cause this evening C caught a flu T.T #BadLuckCaroline This is a very-not-invited guest during exam period. The only combo things that C never wanted in life. Lainlah kalau KFC combo ke,barulah syiokkk dpt masa exam kan? Huhu

Tomorrow is FLUid Mechanics paper and yes today God gives C FLU. Maybe this is a test from God to see how C can stand them. =') So,C knew this will bring up something in return later,hopefully tomorrow,something better in return to this sickness.

Okay guys! Gotta go back dating the books :S Pray for C yaaaa so C can score tomorrow's paper :)
Your prayer is C's blessings. :* Again,goodnight and sweet dream.


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