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Friday, April 20, 2012

The Big Bang Theory ♥

Rainy day is just nice to date your bed :P
But ze weird me choose not to sleep but prefer facing my lappy to update my blog haha
Wanna know what's the topic for today class?? *Perasan teacher la nie kahkahkah
Okay,today this missnotSOpopular will teach or saying in other way leading you to WASTE YOUR PRECIOUS TIME for a movie or TV shows *evil laugh*
Lately, I had watch many TV shows and this is one of it-The Big Bang Theory ^_^
Frankly speaking,I don't like this TV shows at first but then when I started to watch it..Damn! Haha I can't even go to eat,loo or doing other things and just sitting in front of my hardworking laptop watching the weird funny scientist acting all day :P
Well now,let me introduce you (those who haven't watch TBBT) to the first four crazy scientist and one spoil grown up girl in this show. Haha
DR.Sheldon Cooper a.k.a The Most Genius and Crazy One
Okay, I admit that this crazy brat is the reason why I love Big Bang Theory so much. He is a great physicist and worst friend. :P
Haha. He is totally a 100% crazy person but he always said this,"I am not insane,my mother had me tested" Haha. He never fail to make me laugh from start till the end of show :P But,beware of his intelligent because among his friends he is the most genius one. How I wish I have his IQ so I can score easily in my exams.*daydreaming* LOL
Hygienic,systematic,childish,weird,funny and arrogant is Sheldon Cooper. Wanna know crazy stuff he do and nonsense quotes he create?? Go and watch The Big Bang Theory then :P

DR.Leonard Hofstadter a.k.a The "Real" Man and Most Common One
This is Leonard or Mr.Romeo in this show. He have the most numbers of girlfriends and always being dumped is his fate to be. Haha :P
He is an experimental scientise and forever-Sheldon-roomate.
He has a good heart and the reason for people to be friend with Sheldon. Sometimes,he is a desperate guy where he needs sex more than anything else.
But,deep inside of him, he is a nice and romantic guy where a woman would be happy to have him ^_^

DR.Raj Koothrappali a.k.a The Weird One
And here is the Indian guy,Raj. :) An aerospace scientist.
Weird guy because he can't talk to women.And not to forget-ONLY HOT WOMEN. So,I guess when he meets me,he can't talk to me too because I'm hot maaaa hahahaha :P
Easily falling in love or should I say very naive bout love thingy :P
Love America more than his own country,India.Haha XP
The most rich guy in The Big Bang Theory yet his personality doesn't show that at all. Humble and lovely is Raj Koothrapali :)

Mr.Howard Wolowitz a.k.a The-Not-Yet-DR-In-The-Gang
His dressing is as weird as his surname,Wolowitz. Haha. He is a Jewish and an engineer with a Master Degree like he always said. Haha. Always be the most "stupid" among the group just because he is not having the title "DR" yet. So,faster go and get one Howard. :P
Living with his mother,having a cute girlfriend,his life is actually better than the others. However,he is very annoying because in his mind is always bout the dirty things. Haha :P
Wanna see him being "bullied" by most people he met?? Again,go and watch Big Bang Theory :P

Penny a.k.a The Hot Gorgeous Sexy Waitress
Tadaaaaa!! Penny is her name. Nice and lovely person :) Treat people with love and care is her style but if you mess with her,the be careful because your life is in danger. Haha :P Having many boyfriends is just a usual case for a hot girl like her.
She is the one that can really bring the most intelligent Sheldon Cooper down with her stupidity and zero knowledge experience. Haha :P

So,now going further about the show. It is a scientific comedy show. You can both laughing till you cry and learning new scientific terms at the same time. I strongly recommend you people to watch this TV show because it is worth watching :D
Unravelling the mysteries~~~
That all started with BIG BANG ^_^

Till then, XOXO guys! 
Carol :*

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