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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Friends.Is.My.Second.Family ^_^

What does it mean to you?
Does it mean bunch of people you met in your class everyday? Or people that surround you when you have something that they need? Or people that always be there for you either you are in trouble or you are in the most happy period of your life?
Well, different people have different opinion or definition. You answer that question in your heart. This is a question that you can't copy.:P
As for me,my answer is simple. My FRIENDS is my second family. They are always there for me-both most happy and most worst time in my life. Maybe not all my friends are like that but hey nobody is perfect right??
I am not good at making new friend but if that person trying to approach me first,I sure you that we will become a good friend later.:P Not saying that I am demanding for people to talk to me first but that's ME and friends accept any flaw of one another right?:)

Seeing backward of my life,I do have many friends. Actually,a lot of them :) And they are all awesome ^_^
Well, my life is just as beautiful as others too. I am having my own ups and downs.
The very first friend that I have is my childhood besties named Catherine. We're very closed.Like sisters. Almost same name. Mine is Caroline,she is Catherine. Same age. Same village. Same kindergarten. Same primary school. But,time changes people. Now,we don't even talk to each other. I bet she is kinda spoiled child when she enter high school. Yeah,it's not my job to judge but she is really wild and my mum forbidden me to be her friend any more.(T.T) Frankly speaking,I am very sad seeing her walking in a wrong path and wasting her precious life just like that but who am I to change her if she didn't want to change for better at the very first place.
The last thing I can do is praying so God will lead her back to the correct path and give her a great husband and family in the future. Amen :)
At school,I have few of friends and back then we love to be in a group. My group has all the most awesome people in the school laaa kunun. Hahaha.:P :P :P
We are Carol(me),Cecilia,Andrea,Lanie,Jani,Shirley and Sherry.And the others too.Can't remember all name :P Sorry guys,but I always thank God for giving me friends like all of you :)

At age 13,I went to one of boarding school in Kuching. You have no idea how I feel leaving home at a very young age. Yes,there are also other friend that have to leave home like me but maybe different people have different feeling about migrating to other place at a very young age.
However,it was a great place because at that school I meet many awesome and cool friends.
Nama pun dah boarding school kan,so friend is all I had that time :)
3 names that never fades from my memory: Christine Yong Su Fong,Jennielyn Jendy and Haszura Senghie.
They are my BFF during my high school. They help me a lot especially in study. They are all Kuching people so when they went home,I spent my weekend with my one besties too,Carol. We have same name. Same interest and yes we do many crazy stuff together back then. Both of us are naughty Carol. Haha.
Here,I got pictures of US together and I miss them soo much now.
From left:Christine,Jen,Me and Zura :)

From left:Carol N and Me :)
We are all gorgeous right?? Haha.
2009 approach then we have to go our own way. Me go to Unimas and I am the only one that still staying in Kuching for both my foundation and degree year. I am taking Engineering now. Christine and Carol both pursuing their degree at IPG. Christine is English teacher in the making while Carol is BM teacher :) Be a good teacher u guys! :) Zura is the most intelligent among us and she will be going to India one day and yeahh she is a doctor in the making. So proud of you darling Zura. Haha. Be successful doctor and give me free treatment in the future k? Hahaha. As for Jen, she is now at UniSZA,Terengganu pursuing Degree in Biotechnolgy. All the best dayung bajik! Well,there are many others friend that I had during SMSK years but these 4 are my life :)

Asasi Unimas was a short but marvellous year I have in my life. Here,I met many type of people and I do make new friends here too. They are Effa,Farah,Nani,Mizah,and many more. Can't write them all because they are too many. And here,I become more closer to one of my schoolmates during high school too,Azman. He is a cool and funny friend. He never fail to make me laugh. Haha. And not to forget,Peruz too.:)
They help me a lot to struggle for life at Unimas. Without them,I don't know whether I can survive till the end or not :') Thanks guys! You all are great ^_^

Last year at September,we register for our degree program. Of course,I make new friends within this two semesters here. Glad that people here are very friendly and I love each and everyone of my friend here. My classmates and also my housemates. They are all lovely.:) 

So, I hope for coming three years I will make many more friends and have a great time with them too.
Friends is your family during your study years. If you are saying that you don't need friend in your life as a student,I bet there must be something VERY WRONG with you. Therefore,if you feel so please go and check yourself with a doctor :P Haha 

Because for me,Friend Is My Second Family.Without them, I am nothing here.
To all my friends;
I love all of you,
Thanks because you become part of my life,
And you make it even more beautiful,
Thank you for accepting all my flaws,
And appreciating all my goods,
Forgive me if I am wrong,
And lead me back if I am lost.

Carol :')

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