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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Week Three. .

March comes like wind. Very fast and I haven't have chance to say goodbye properly to February,my birth month. But this is reality. Time do flies in like 999999km/h. 

For some reasons, I want this year to end quickly. Well,it's personal reasons actually but I hope it flies fast so I can't even have time to be sad over things that I did wrong or I didn't achieve. 

But for some reasons too,I want time flies slowly. This is also personal reasons that involve feelings. Just because I don't really want a long distance relationship after June this year but I knew I can't do nothing about this. All I can do is go with the flow. And praying for the best for both parties.

So it's been three weeks after classes start. I am not to sure whether I am on the track or not. Projects and quizzes were way too many by now. But so far, I can understand my study quite well. Thanks for friends' help too & I hope things get better towards the end of the semester. I must achieve my target for this semester.

Two more weeks then it's our midterm week. The most crucial time of whole semester. If I can't score during midterm exam,it'll be THE END for me.

Three weeks gone means there's only 11 weeks to go to end this semester! Can you imagine 11 weeks?? Minus the holidays and stuff, we might see our lecturers for less than 10x after this week. It's very true that Sem II is a veryyyy short sem. 

However, I hope I can do well. I wish my result getting better from last semester. Amen. 

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