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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Gone But Not Forgotten


You are gone but will never be forgotten..
May God bless all the beautiful souls on board,both crews & passengers..

And to Indian Ocean. .

Keep them safe,
Hug them,
Throw away all the fear,
Take good care of them,
Until we come to take them HOME. .

To families & friends,

Stay strong.
Whole world is praying with you & for you.
We will never let you walk alone.
We feel your sadness.
Remember, God always have a better plan for us the child of Him.

To Ministers and all the SAR team. .

God is with you all..
Our prayer is with you..
Stay strong & may all your hardwork brings some answer to it towards the end of the day.
Thank you for being so strong these few days.
Thank you for always doing your very best.

Remember, GOD IS GREAT! Nothing is imposibble for Him. I believe He will shows us the reasons behind all this later or sooner.


Dear MH370, we love you.. we miss you.. wherever you are,please shows us some clue. We will come to get you.


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