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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Working Experience

Hello Malaysians!
Good morning and happy working to all workers and happy studying to all the students,doesn't matter you are a primary school,high school or Uni student,happy studying again! :)
Well, today I am having a quiz. Yeah,quiz sounds like small matters but for me,quiz is the one that affects my carry marks and then may made my grade uglier. And of course I don't want that and I believe others don't want it too happen to them right?
So,I try my best to revise all the questions that I could so but now I am sick of seeing numberssss over here and there. That's why I am here,writing nonsense in my blog. Haha :P
Working experience??? What does that have to do with my quiz? Nothing. Haha. The quiz and revising part is just the introduction.
Actually, this working experience thing have come to my mind since I finish my SPM where i have been a jobless person for almost 6 months. Minus the time I spend for national services,so 3 months-jobless-Caroline.
From the start, I have persuade my parents to let me go and find a work so I can make my own money but they never allowed me to do that. :( And I can't oppose their decision because parents must come first before everything right? So,I just staying home,do all the houseworks-cooking,cleaning,laundry,bla bla bla bla. My sister is the most happy person during this time because I am her full housemaid for 3 months. :P
Now,I am 20 years old and will finish my first year degree soon. Semester break is coming and again I am thinking of spending my holiday to work so I have that "working experience". But,one thing that I am hoping for is my parents say YES to me and let me go do some job out there and make some money.
To mummy and daddy, please please please give me permission to work. Because your permission is the one thing I need so I can be safe and do things with an easy heart. :')
So guys,where should I work? A supermarket? A hotel? A petrol station? Nah, I don't care much actually as long as I can make some money. Hahaha :P
Let's pray together so I can have my parent's permission and working happily ^_^
Mom,dad,please please please?I want to work :')

Carol :*

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