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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mid Semester Break

Well well well,time flies very fast right??Without we noticing it,now it's already April of 2012.Exams come and gone just like that.Memories with friends keep on creating new pages.Relationship with loved one have its own ups and downs.But,don't worry much because God always have His best agendas for our live :) Okay,back to mid semester break,guess I can't enjoyed much because of assignments,coming exams and so on but I am very happy to going back home tomorrow night.^_^ My mum seems more excited than me knowing the fact that tomorrow her princess will be going home.HAHAHA.I hope this holiday I will use every single second wisely to have fun with family and in the mean time revising for my exams after the holiday.No stress,just SMILE (: If we set our mind that exams are burden to us especially to revise during holiday then everything just going worst later so keep on fighting and smiling ;) O yeahh, after this break,I have 4 more papers-Engineering Programming,Engineering Survey,Strength of Material and Ethnics Relationship.HAHA I translated it directly from their Malay words :p Well,I do have many plans inside my mind for this short-one-week-break.So,come and look at them.^_^
 Carol's plan for mid-sem holiday.

  • Collecting papers for next two slots of Sakura Go Green
  • Buying foods for my housemates
  • Revising revising revising
  • "Steal" big bro's jersey again HAHA
  • Playing with my nephew till I get bored of it :p
  • Helping mum in her garden so I can lose some fat there hehe ;p
  • No movie pleaseeeee !!! 
Is it enough for me to do all of it in ONE WEEK??hmmm..one week is a short time.Hope everything is going as I plan ;) 

Guess I have to wait till holiday for me to watch GG again but it's okay.I will have that time to enjoy GG later. ^_^
Till then,xoxo. Have a nice semester break to all my Unimas and other IPTA's friends 

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