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Thursday, April 3, 2014


I believe everyone has one.
Me? I have fives grandma. 
1st: Dad's real mom.
2nd: Mom's real mom.
3rd: Dad's adopted mom.
4th: Mom's adopted mom.
5th: Mom's stepmom (new wife of my grandpa on the mother side)

Yeah,that's my family. Kinda crowded if everybody is gathering inside one house so we need two houses. Kidding.
Today,my aunty (dad's side) post a pic (a very old one) of grandma,my dad & herself back in the year 1982 something.
Grandma wasssss so pretty & young back then. And that pic makes me miss her moreeee.

But she's no longer w me here,she's in Heaven with God.
Out of my five grandmamas, only Mom's real mom (2nd grandma) and Mom's stepmom (5th grandma) that are with me still. And I love all my five grandmama equally.

Okay back to 3rd grandma (Dad's adopted mom). I live w her when I was young. She is that grandma who stay w us out of my five grandmothers. She died eleven years ago due to cancer. And now I still feel like she's w us everyday. 

She's kind,pretty & lovely. She's the one that always defends us everytime Mom's mad at us. She's like our protector & our bff. If Mom prohibited us from taking any junk food,we always ask from her then she'll buy for us. :') That's her love.

Dear Inek,
I love you always.
May your soul be blessed & I believe now you're happy on the other side with your lovely husband.
One day,I'll come & meet you.
Please watch over me & others from the above.
We really are missing you.

Aunty,Grandma & My Dad ^^

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