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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Simple Sweet Sour Saturday.

I just feel like wanna write something in English about my 1st March. It falls on Saturday & yey cause it's weekend. Sad thing is the TYT is being appointed today (recent one: TYT Pehin Sri Taib) and we have no holiday even if Sarawak changes TYT & Chief Minister. Hmm. Sorry but I just loved holiday way too much. Hahahahaha.

So how do I spend my day?
It's been an sweet & simple Saturday for me.
Okay,let's me summarize my first day of March.
. . . . . .
Waking up & realized that I'm a bit late so I go straight to the kitchen to cook spagethi for Mr.Love cause he promised me to come in the morning to eat breakfast together. Luckily,everything is well cooked & he enjoyed my very own handmade spagethi for him. Hehehehe

Then the most interesting part of the day come! I learned how to drive a car w Mr.Love today. Lols sounds funny when a person with driving license still learns how to drive but my driving skills had been rusting long long time agooooo. I drive like a crazy person but luckily didn't knock any car & safely arrived at home. But I think I am quite satisfied with my achievement in driving today. I can now drive on the road with a little more confident but entering parking space like HELL!!!! I AM JUST SO BAD AT PARKING SPACE!!!:(

As for wrap of terrible driving lesson,we go to Summer Mall & yessss Love bought me new shirt. And I am happy again & totally forgot about my TERRIBLE PARKING SKILLS. Hahahaha.

To end the beautiful sweet & sour Saturday,we both spend hours singing on karaokeparty. *A website where we can sing online & they will show us the marks we get after singing* It's very funny but we had too much fun.

For today,I am happy with my start for March. Hope March will bring you people happiness too. But remember this, A LIFE W/OUT A MISTAKE IS BORING. So,please do mistakes sometimes and learn. Like what I did during my driving lessons :P

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