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Sunday, February 16, 2014

New Life. New Goal. New Spirit.

Year ago, I am an engine student. But last sem, I change field and go for Finance instead. One semester w Finance makes me breath like other normal students that go to class w eagerness to study. I admit that maybe engineering is a 'hot item' courses for today's industry but I finally found a place where I feel I belong. 2 years is quite a long time for me to fit in as engine student but I just can't love what I learned. Everything is more like 'memorizing knowledge' to me. I memorize everything & then it will be gone like wind. Glad that I am brave enough to talk w my parents and have courage to change my field. Yes,I am supposed to grad next year if I'm still an engine student but now things change a bit. I have to grad a year later than my other friends. But this never bother me. As long as I'm doing well,whether graduating earlier or later..it doesn't matter. One semester w Finance, I am a girl w no basic of either accountancy or economics. Lecturers do help me a lot & I'm grateful that I can get result that I dream to have from long time ago. Hard work do pay but if you do something w interest and eagerness to know what's happening next,it gives extra impact for you to succeed. Now I have a big plan for my future 2017. Hoping that I achieved what I want by this big changing that I made. So,my advice is..find what fits your soul. I remember when my aunty said that if I apply for teacher trainee after SPM,it'll be a great loss cause I score in SPM. Back then,I just follow what elders said but now I regret for not applying Maktab. Seriously,regret always comes later. For you who still in phase of choosing,choose wisely. Listen to yourself not others around you.


  1. owh no wonder ^^ You're such a brave girl Carol. All the best to your new journey!