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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Strong. Stronger. Strongest.

Well,this time I wanna ask you guys. Are you a strong person? Have you ever experience a very painful situation which makes you stronger? And have you try to survive alone and that experience make you the strongest? So now let's think about it together. Ask yourself. Find your mistakes. And list down everything you have to do in order to fix things. This happen to me right now. I am having problem with my study and I have problem with socializing w people. However, I think for social issue, it's better to be alone most of the time because this way you didn't hurt others and they also don't hurt you. Thus, it makes me choose to alone most of the time. I feel free and can do whatever I want w/out considering other's feeling. Let's talk about study. This is my very first world problem. I don't know why everytime I put too many effort on it,I keep on not achieving what I want at the end of the day. Maybe I really have to buy book entitled "Tips Untuk Berjaya di IPT". Hmm,I'll buy them a.s.a.p and use their tips to help me then. Okay,till we meet again. Byeeee :")

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