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Monday, June 4, 2012

Goodbye Uncle...

Earlier morning I got too many texts and phone call but sadly I have no time to charge my phones. So,I just read all those texts when it's almost noon. Mum called almost 10 times and cousin and all other aunty and uncles also having more than 3 miscalls. Uncle Saka, a great uncle which is mom's second younger brother died this morning and I know about it later than the others. Mom calls me saying that she,daddy and my little sister are on their way to Bintulu to go to his funeral. It's only me here in Kuching can't go there w them. Yes, I am busy w my final. Why June why?? Why you are being cruel w my family? :'( Too many bad news lately and I am afraid I can't stand up again if there are too many of them attacking me at the same time. God, I hope my uncle's children are strong. They are still a child. Kakak pun baru 15 tahun. And she's the eldest. She has been through a lot. Adik2 semua masih kecil. Aunty have to take care of all of them. Please bring joy again to their family. Losing a great father is such a big impact for them. And yes, God please keep Grandpa strong too. Losing a very great son is not easy for him. He must be very sad that his son died at a very young age. God, You have taken two of his children. Back in 2000, You took my second youngest aunty when she was 20 years old and now it's my uncle. Give them a place in Heaven,God. May they rest in peace and please wipe all the sorrows away from my family. Mom had watched her two little brother and sister gone and I don't want her to endure everything. Let her share them w me God.Please open her heart to talk to me about all her sorrows. I know it's been very hard when you see your brother died especially when you are the one that took care of them from they are babies till they are married. Uncle is a great person. He never fail to make our family proud. But, You loves him more that's why You took him away from us. Uncle, thank you for everything. You have been a good person all your life. We will miss you very much. Goodbye Uncle..... :'(

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