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Saturday, June 16, 2012

The man that never give up on me,I LOVE YOU Daddy :*

Born on 11th March 1952,he is the most handsome man in my life. The one that love me always,the one that never leave me alone,the one that try his best to make me smile again every time I cry,the one that support me no matter how far I have been falling down. He teaches me about life,love, and everything. He is the first hero that I knew and he is much more stronger than Superman and Spiderman. Because he have the real power that make me feel safe all the time. :') Today is the day for a person that we call "Father". And for me,this person is my one and only men, Mr. Jacob Ejang. ^_^ Daddy,happy Father's Day and I love you so much :* I miss you since we haven't talk for quite a long time. But,yesterday you did call me and again I cry because I really miss your voice. The whole day I spend thinking about you. :') I hope you are always in a good health. And dad,thanks for everything that you have done for me for this 20 years.I know I cannot repay all them even if I live for thousand years. Just wait for some more time dad and I will make you proud,I promise. :) And,forgive me for all my wrong doings. I know I am not a good daughter. Always involving myself into problems and make you and mom worried about me. But, I will try to improve myself. It's hard so give me time. I know you'll be patient even if I do something that you don't like but please believe in me. That's all I want from you. :* Again, Happy Father's Day and I LOVE YOU ^_*


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