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Friday, March 23, 2012

Sakura Got Talent

Sakura Got Talent.Sounds very professional,isn't it? Haha. Who said it's only America's that Got Talent? We here in Sakura College,Unimas,Sarawak also got maa. Heee :p It is a kind of student activities for us to collect merits. Merits are needed for us to stay inside the campus for our next semester. If I talk about merits here,I bet that it will last till the next morning.Hehe. Guess what?? I joined a musical drama team which most of us are my own housemates .Very fun and interesting experience for me. Last time, I am a girl who loves backstage more than standing at the stage and looking at tens,hundreds,thousands audiences.Okay,I lie.Haha.Thousands are just to make it sounds BIG.Haha.Because when you see  word THOUSAND,you are so impress by our performance but in reality it is just tens and hundreds that come and see us. Hahaha. For me,it is not about winning or losing the competition is important but the experience that YOU get is more important.Everyone of course la want to win but if all of us win,sape pulak nak kalah kan? Hehe. Easy to say la,I really get something tonight which is improving myself and fighting the stage fright and also now I can sing atas pentas tue you know. Haha. Maybe for you,it's nothing but for me it is a BIG thing. 

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